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About Us

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In 1976, You Hoa was founded as one of the leading Engineering Companies in Hong Kong, deals mainly in the import and Export business of electrical product, light industrial products and other line of goods manufactured in China.

From 1990, You Hoa has established cooperative relationship with the leading engineering companies and equipment manufacturing companies in China and deals principally in contracting engineering projects, exporting complete plants and equipment as well as various kinds of mechanical and electrical products, and specific machineries on order to make basis. With successful economic and technical cooperation with our partners. You Hoa has exported many models of machines which are widely used in different sectors such as pulp and papers chemical, power generation, environmental protection, etc.


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With our experiences and success in the past few decades, we are sure that You Hoa will continue to provide our customers with the most advanced technological products from China and worldwide machinery and equipment industry. Aiming at continuing to provide advanced technological products and cost effective plants and equipment to our customers remains the primary target of the Company.

In the future, we are sure that You Hoa will provide our customers with special robots and automated smart equipment to greatly reduce customers labor costs, improve production safely and improve production efficiency.

Sustainable Development

Committed to maintaining health and safety

We prioritize the health and safety of workers and the environment as our primary task. By implementing strict safety guidelines, continuously providing safety training, and implementing sustainable environmental measures, we ensure that all operations comply with the highest standards.

Following Best Operating Procedures

We are committed to following best operating procedures to ensure high efficiency and quality in our work. This includes continuous improvement of processes, strict adherence to safety standards, and optimizing operations with data-driven decisions.

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